Danny Green Explains How LeBron James Reacts To Criticism


LeBron James has been the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers for the last two seasons now and so far, it’s been an interesting experiment. For instance, the team missed the playoffs last season but this year, they are the best team in the Western Conference which almost no one was expecting. James seems to have great chemistry with his teammates so far even if the squad goes through some rough patches.

In an article by Erik Garcia Gundersen of LeBron Wire, Lakers player Danny Green was asked about LeBron’s leadership and how he responds to being critiqued by his own teammates. As Green explains, LeBron is quite receptive to what people have to say and is always actively making changes to his game.

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“There’s so many, there’s not just one. He’ll take ownership when he does mess up,” Green said. “In a film session he will say that’s my box-out, that’s my x-out, that guy there was a miss. And we will tell him, ‘Bron you need to do this, we need to you be more aggressive, we need you to pass more, he’ll listen. He’ll actually take that with a positive attitude and actually apply it to the game to help our team.”

In year 17, LeBron is still doing everything he can to be a better player and you have to admire the effort. James is criticized a lot for being a bad teammate but when you hear Green talk like this, you have to give LeBron some credit. He’s clearly doing something right. 

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