Darius McCrary Teases “Family Matters” Revival, Calls It A “Remix,” Not A “Reboot”


One of the most beloved sitcoms from the 1990s is Family Matters. The show was a stepping stone in creating some iconic television moments and sayings, many of which came from the ultra-dorky Steve Urkel, portrayed by actor Jaleel White. Family Matters, a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, aired from 1989 to 1997 and for nearly a decade, millions of people felt as if they were apart of the Winslow family. 

Over the years, there has been talk of Family Matters, in some way, shape, or form, returning to television. However, those hopes are often dashed by Jaleel who has been quoted as saying he’ll never revive his former Urkel character. Darius McCrary who played the eldest son Eddie Winslow on the series sat down with Vlad TV and discussed of members if the Family Matters cast would get together once again.

“This is the thing man, everybody has to understand about this,” he began. “We’re never gonna be able to go back and give you guys that feeling that you had. ‘Cause we were all moving together in a certain point in time. We were all growing together, you know? So we’re gonna have to touch your heart in places that speak to where we are now as adults who’ve grown up together. We grew up. You grew up with me. The only difference is I couldn’t see you.”

Darius added that it isn’t as if Jaleel is completely against becoming Urkel again, but “he doesn’t want to disappoint anybody” by being unable to make audiences feel that connection. He said, “That dude played three, four characters. That dude…man, that’s one of the baddest dudes. As far as the game is concerned, he’s so underappreciated, man, in my opinion.”

“We are in talks to see [if] things could possibly happen,” Darius added, listing off his co-stars including Jaleel, Kellie Shanygne Williams (Laura Winslow), Cherie Johnson (Laura’s best friend Maxine Johnson), and Shawn Harrison (Waldo Geraldo Faldo). “We workin’ on some things. It wouldn’t be a reboot. It’d be a remix.” Check out his clip below and see what he had to say about whether or not he’s still stacking Family Matters coins.

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