Dave Chappelle Denies Obama’s Team Left “Dirty Notes” For Trump


Rumors plagued the Obama team after it was reported that aides of the former president left dirty notes for the then-incoming Trump administration. It was denied by Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice but still, the rumors continued to spiral throughout the Internet. However, it seems that we have an independent third-party who can confirm that it was not President Obama but rather, celebrities who loathed Trump’s arrival to the White House.

ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Dave Chappelle recently sat down with Naomi Campbell for the one-year anniversary of her online series, No Filter. Both the comedian and the model reminisced about their trip to White House during Obama’s final days of presidency. “It was funny. We went to the White House, I forgot ID which is like a no-no in the White House. But the Secret Service was like, ‘We, we know who you are,'” said Chappelle. “The Secret Service said, ‘See you next time, Dave.’ I said, ‘Yep, see you next Black president.'”

Naomi brought up how lively the event was, especially with the amount of dancing and music being played. “It was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen. This was like, one of the last big parties the Obama’s threw,” reminisced Dave before recounting these apparent ‘dirty notes.’ “I’m not going to say these celebrities’ names… There was a thing. Remember when the Trump administration moved in? They said, ‘The Obama staff left dirty notes for us and all the drawers and all the cabinets.’ Now, I saw this happen — I’m not going to say who did it — but it was celebrities was writing all this crazy shit and puttin’ ’em all over there,” Chappelle recounted. “I saw them doing it and as soon as I saw it on the news, I laughed real hard.”

Immediately after, Naomi and Dave recounted a moment in the evening where Obama vanished upstairs before making a triumphant return to the party because the music was apparently too good. According to Dave, Obama walked into the room only to greet the attendees with a dab.