Dave East Explains What Led To Vegas Altercation With Two Women


Dave East’s been having a big year in 2019 but he’s also found himself in some unfortunate legal situation. The rapper got into a bit of an altercation at a Vegas hotel following a club appearance at Drai’s Nightclub. Two women were in his hotel room when things turned left and bottles were thrown. Two women accused Dave East of hurling punches their way but he told police that she was the one who threw bottles at him. Once police arrived, he was the only one with scratches and marks while she was reportedly unscathed. 

East has finally opened up on the matter in an interview with The Morning Hustle with Lore’l. First off, the rapper denied that there were any plans of a threesome but he did say that they were just chillin’ in the hotel room with two women. After he caught one of them trying on his jewelry and confronted her, things went left fast.

“We upstairs but we just chillin’ in the little lounge part of the room. My man had the speaker, we smokin’, just kickin’ it. Two of the chicks were like, ‘Can we use the bathroom?.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, go ‘head use the bathroom.’ But my jewelry was in there,” he explained. He said that he saw one of the girls trying on a piece of jewelry with his daughter’s initials and then asked her what she’s doing. Her friend began to give him attitude and he urged them to kick them out. “Shorty threw three bottles. Cut my arm, my leg, all that. She done already dialed 911 in the bathroom. Got the phone on speaker phone. Cops hearin’ all of that, I’m screamin’.” 

Police ended up taking him and the girl in and citing them with battery simply based on the story. Peep the clip below. 

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