Dave East & Nas Flex Don Pedigree On “Godfather IV”


Dave East and Nas are two of New York City’s elite lyricists, a dangerously compatible duo like Ghostface and Raekwon or Method Man and Redman. Though the pair have yet to commit to a full-fledged collaborative album, the pair have kept consistent in linking up for some fire. Now, with Survival dropping on November 8th, Dave East has unleashed a regal homage to the mafioso rap with his consigliere on deck. Off the bat, “Godfather 4” conjures memories of a forgotten era, in which actions had consequences and fishes had plenty of sleeping buddies.

The track’s sparse arrangement gives both men ample space to let their words paint pictures, and Nas remains one of the game’s most inspired artists. “My dead granddad came to my cousin through a psychic,” spits Nas. “I don’t really like it, pay prices for afterlife advices.” Dave East is never one to be unmatched, meeting Nas’ stride like Pacino and Deniro, two master craftsmen simply loving the life they chose. Are you excited for Survival to hit? Peep “Godfather IV,” available in full at midnight. 

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