Dave East Pisses Off McDonald’s Worker For Filming: Watch


New York rapper Dave East is hot off the release of his debut album Survival, travelling the world and bringing his original brand of bars to his fans everywhere. Despite all the money coming into his accounts, the 31-year-old still enjoys grabbing some fast food from time to time, especially with a schedule as loaded as his. Sometimes, there’s no time in the day to sit down and enjoy a meal at a high-end restaurant. At the start of the day, only a few places are open to grab some grub and McDonald’s is one of them. The rapper was at one of their franchises at 6 in the morning this weekend, filming his experience when a security worker approached him and asked him to put his phone away. He was not impressed.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Instead of pulling the “Do you know who I am” card, Dave East proceeded to curse the employee out on social media. Sharing the video he captured before pressing stop on his phone, East wrote as his caption: “Fucc He Thought He Was.” The security worker can be seen asking him to put his phone away and, when he refuses, the man reached for the device. That’s what ticked Dave off the most about the ordeal.

Thankfully, this situation didn’t turn violent or anything. A social media rant session is much better than a charge.


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