Dave East’s Parents Talk Raising A “Cool Little Man” On “Made From Scratch”


We often see artists share behind the scenes videos or photos of themselves on tour, on stage, at the club, or in the studio, but rarely do we see what they’re like at home with their parents. On FUSE’s Made From Scratch, the network films some of our favorite artists as they return home and cook their favorite childhood dishes with their beloved family members. On Tuesday’s episode, Dave East sits down with his parents to cook up their favorite meal: Steak and eggs. 

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In the forthcoming episode, Dave, his mother, and his father join together as the rapper praises his parents for teaching him the value of a good work ethic. In an exclusive clip FUSE shared with us, Dave said, “I gotta great family, great home, great parents. I went to school, so that helped me on an understanding level as far as [my] mindset being bigger than the block or bigger than what’s just going on right here. I done sat on them college campuses, took them classes, and wrote them papers. It’s expanded my mind on another level where I don’t think like the average guy that you gon’ run into in the projects or in the hood. I think a lot bigger than that.”

“I think my parents just instilled certain qualities in me that have been able to allow me to move through the world like I’ve been able to move,” Dave continued. He joked that his parents aren’t as sweet as they look, but he added that they always gave him the love and support he needed. His father laughed as he said he did a lot of threatening in the household while raising the rapper. Dave’s mother added that he was her “good child” and a “cool little man” who “hung out with me everywhere.”

“I used to measure my kids’ growth in certain things like playing chess, swimming,” his father said. “And David was always doing it. I think he almost beat me one time!” Tune in on Tuesday to check out Dave and his ‘rents on Made From Scratch and check out the clip below.

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