DDG Details Drunken Regrets On “Lit Tonight”


DDG’s claim to fame, like many of his peers, was off of social media hype. After launching his career as a comedian on Instagram and racking up followers, he made his full transition into rap over the last few years leading to a record deal with Epic. He has since released his project Valedictorian including appearances from G Herbo, Young Nudy, and more. 

Before he ends a highly productive year, he slid through with a final offering titled, “Lit Tonight.” The title alone might lead you to believe that it would be a Travis Scott-esque banger but instead, it’s a drunken confession that showcases DDG’s vocal range a bit more. Detailing his actions in a drunken mindstate, his latest song will surely resonate with many others who are prone to blaming it on the alcohol, word to Jamie Foxx.

Quotable Lyrics
You told my performance a ten
Now all your girls know what it is
We probably not fuckin’ again
I’mma end up fuckin’ your friend

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