DeAndre Jordan Sarcastically Disses Kyrie Irving For His “Mood Swings”


Kyrie Irving has only played three games with the Brooklyn Nets and there is already speculation that things are going poorly. In a recent report from ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan, Kyrie has been exhibiting some bizarre mood swings that aren’t sitting right with the team’s front office. There is speculation that this could become a huge problem as the season goes on although there is no telling what will come of it.

Today, Irving’s newest teammate, DeAndre Jordan, was asked about the report and whether or not there was some truth to any of it. Instead of answering the question head-on, Jordan came through with an exaggerated dose of sarcasm.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

“Kyrie’s a bad guy,” Jordan said via James Herbert of CBS Sports. “He’s terrible. He’s moody. I don’t like to be around him. He’s horrible in the locker room. He’s a selfish player. I don’t like his haircut. I wear his shoes only because they’re comfortable and because he makes me. Is that good?”

When you’re losing, many of these issues can tend to be made worse and at a record of 1-2, the Nets are an easy target for these kinds of reports. For now, Nets fans will just have to sit tight and hope for the best as the season marches on.


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