Deante Hitchcock & J.I.D. Link Up For “I Got Money Now”


Atlanta’s own Deante Hitchcock has linked up with J.I.D. to deliver his brand new single “I Got Money Now,” a soulful yet still uptempo banger produced by Brandon Philip’s Taylor. On this one, Hitchcock reconnects with the Spillage Village movement, bringing Dreamville’s slick-talking lyricist into the mix to close things out on a high note. But first, Hitchcock himself comes through with a pair of razor-sharp verses, triumphant reflections on a rags-to-riches story that happened to culminate in the happiest of endings. 

“I was havin’ withdrawals now I’m at the bank, makin’ deposits n***a,” he boasts. “Shout out to Fifty, boy get rich or die tryin’, ain’t no other option, I gotta go get it / Remember my mom bein’ broke as a joke, pay the rent with the light bill, shawty.” Now, with Deante’s fortunes having changed for the better, the shopping sprees are a luxurious family affair. As per usual, J.I.D. absolutely snaps with little effort, clearly having written this one following a thorough watch of The Revenant; he is, after all, DiCaprio too. 

Check out this new drop from two of Atlanta’s finest, and sound off below — what do you think of “I Got Money Now?”


For the love of the money, I’m bussin’, who tryna take it from me?
Shit, I’ma need commissary
If you come for the commas, the consequences very common sense
To tell em comin’ from never havin’ shit is scary as killin’ a bear
The tragedy is a bitch, well buried in the Six


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