Deante’s Hitcock Flexes His Wordplay On “Baptize x Spillage Village (Freestyle)”


Deante’ Hitchcock initially built his buzz as a rising artist out of Atlanta by frequently dropping videos of him freestyling in his car. After catching the attention of Mark Pitts and RCA, Hitchcock eventually moved away from his characteristic freestyles in favor of crafting his incredible debut album Better, which released last May. As of late, however, the “How TF” artist has been returning to his roots with a weekly freestyle series, aptly titled #NewAtlantaTuesdays. After slaughtering popular beats from Lil Wayne, Drake, SpotemGottem, and OutKast, Deante’ Hitchcok just returned with a freestyle over Spillage Village’s “Baptize,” marking a full month of freestyles from the talented lyricist. 

Following last week’s freestyle over OutKast’s “Roses” in which the rapper demanded his roses, Hitchcock’s “Baptize” freestyle gives his listeners another call of action — to take up arms against police if he’s ever shot down by a cop. Riddled with bars and double entendres that’ll surely have your face scrunched up, Deante’ Hitchcock’s “Baptize” freestyle proves why the Atlanta artist is a worthy competitor for the 10th spot on the forthcoming XXL Freshman list.

Quotable Lyrics

Baby where I stay, we all be sharin’ guns/sharingans like Sasuke
Ted Dibiase, I say Ase to my misses. She call me god, she be trippin’
But I be trippin’ cuz I ain’t see enough god in me then to listen
Now it’s different
But I’m still the same n*gga in some capacities
So please don’t say my name in vain cuz n*ggas swill blasphemy/blast for me