DeMar DeRozan Keeps Fans Guessing With Cryptic IG Message


DeMar DeRozan is one of those NBA players who has been very open about their struggles with mental health. DeRozan knows just how much these struggles can affect a person so he has made it his mission to let people know it’s okay to feel a certain way and embrace your emotions. One of the elements of modern life that seems to be a contributor to poor mental health, is social media. Apps like Twitter and Instagram are like validation magnets as people are constantly using them to seek likes and adoration from people they don’t even know.

Recently, DeRozan took social media into his own hands as he completely wiped his Instagram page from any photos he had before. Just recently, DeRozan had fans confused as he posted a cryptic message to his IG story where he said “Isolation my security.”

DeRozan didn’t really follow up on what he had to say here so fans are understandably a little confused by what the message is. Based on him scrubbing his Instagram photos, he probably just means he feels better when he’s not on social media and likes to be alone at times. It’s a feeling we have all felt before so it’s interesting to see DeRozan vocalize it in such a way.

Hopefully, there isn’t a deeper issue at play here. DeRozan is a great player and we want him to be feeling his best.


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