Demi Lovato Calls On Saweetie For “My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend”


Her docuseries has captured attention now the Demi Lovato is ready to be open and honest about her past struggles. She’s spoken candidly about the overdose that left her with brain damage and being sexually assaulted by her drug dealer before passing out. The revelations have caused a firestorm and it all was leading up to the singer’s latest release, Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over. The 19-track project is one of Lovato’s most honest, and on “My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriends,” Saweetie joins the singer as she reflects on the importance of friendships.

The pop-heavy track is one pointed toward the ladies as it emphasizes nurturing the relationship with your crew just as much as one would do with a partner. Saweetie slides in at the end with her bestie energy, so check out “My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriends” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I found the love of my life (I found the love of my life)
Wait, I mean the loves of my life (I mean the loves of my life)
My soulmates, my angels
My reasons I’m grateful
Don’t need a ring or a vow (Don’t need a ring or a vow)
I got my day ones around (I got my day ones around)
They’re perfect, they’re priceless
Forever like diamonds (Diamonds)