Denaun Porter Gets Introspective On “Reflection Of A 45”


Denaun Porter, also known as Mr. Porter from the Detroit music collective D12 where Eminem infamously started, has dropped a new track called “Reflection of a 45.” The song almost starts off like spoken word, while Denaun goes on to preach about what he’s learned and ponder the past as well as the present. He criticizes clout-chasers and so-called GOATs, trying to focus on what he thinks is really important.

As a prominent producer himself, it’s no surprise that Denaun’s newest track boasts a dreamy beat that somehow flows so well with his juxtaposing bars. In particular, there are some beautiful harmonies mixed in that jump out at unexpected moments yet still compliment his singing perfectly. Denaun is able to show off his impressive vocal range, as well, rocking the chorus as well as he does his verses. He takes things to major R&B territory “just reflecting” as the song takes it’s time to wrap up. All of the elements of the track work together to evoke a sense of someone lost in their own deep thoughts.

How can I get some sleep when I’m so worried 
This sh*t went by fast quick in a hurry
Your troubles heavier when you carry
But don’t mind me I’m just reflecting


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