Dennis Rodman Prays For Kim Jong-Un After Rumors Of Illness


Reports emerged yesterday that the United States is keeping a close eye on North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un who is reportedly not in great shape after undergoing surgery. Some reports claimed that he’s in “grave danger” after undergoing cardiovascular surgery on April 12th which was due to “excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork.”

As you know, Dennis Rodman is close friends with Kim Jong-Un and released a statement to TMZ regarding the state of his friend’s health. “I hope it’s just a rumor that Marshal Kim Jong-Un is sick,” Rodman said. “Hopefully I will find out more soon.”

Rodman’s connection to Kim Jong-Un has given him hope that he can possibly make amends between the leader of North Korea and the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, who Rodman is also friends with. “There is still so much work we have to do between both the USA and DPRK,” Rodman added, “If he is not feeling well, I am praying for his speedy recovery, so that both my friends [President Trump & Marshal Kim] can continue towards a peaceful success.”

Rodman has been the global connection between Rodman and Trump in the past. Rodman previously took partial credit for The Trump-Kim Summit in 2018 that brought together the two world leaders. 



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