Denzel Curry Deems Himself One Of “Music’s Greatest Influences”


It’s become evident that Denzel Curry has reached a boiling point, and the Floridian rapper has been venting his many frustrations on Twitter this morning. Originally admitting that he had grown to hate rap, a revelation that alarmed many of his loyal fans. “I watched my hobby that I did in my room become something I can’t even enjoy anymore because everyone has an opinion,” he lamented, following a promising update on the project he has been steadily working on. But after that? “I’m just going disappear from y’all ass and do what the fuck I wanna do and say what I wanna say,” he muses.

Denzel Curry

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Despite his seemingly broken spirit, that’s not to say that Denzel isn’t wholly confident in what he’s accomplished as a musician thus far. In fact, his Twitter rant ultimately went on to change course, and before long Denzel was firing off flex after flex on his many artistic merits. “I know myself and my art well enough to say, I’m The Greatest to ever do it,” he declares. “I’m one of the greatest influences in music, period. If you said ‘Cap’ when I said I’m the greatest or very influential, you wouldn’t have your favorite rappers if it wasn’t for me. Period.”

“Jay Z made his first album at 26,” he continues. “I’m Only 25. I was 17 getting rich.” Currently twenty-five with an impressive body of work under his belt, not to mention untold influence on the Florida hip-hop scene and new generation in general, Denzel has every right to feel entitled to a little bit of sh*t-talking. Whether you agree with his assessment or not, it’s clear that Zel has been feeling underappreciated of late, and perhaps it’s time to show him some well deserved praise in the comments below. Lest we forget, he’s given us plenty of incredible bangers throughout the years, and we look forward to many more.