Denzel Curry Scores First Platinum Plaque For “Clout Cobain”


Denzel Curry has been steadily holding it down with some of hip-hop’s most innovative music, consistently proving his value as a leader of the new generation. And while he may have been feeling a little frustrated this past month, having taken to Twitter to air out a few grievances and set the record straight, his latest message has struck a different tone altogether — one of celebration. As it happens, Denzel has officially secured the first platinum plaque of his career, as his lead TA1300 single “Clout Cobain” has been officially certified by the RIAA.

Denzel Curry

Mark Horton/WireImage/Getty Images

“I don’t know how we did it but…WE FUCKING DID IT!!!!!! CLOUT COBAIN WENT PLATINUM” celebrates Zelton, taking a moment to thank his team, his family, and his fans for the support. “The fact I got a platinum record off a song that was anti-industry really shows you can do this shit without these bitch ass labels long as you stay true and believe in your craft when no one else does and I’m grateful for the team and family I have and of course you guys.”

Denzel Curry – Clout Cobain 

He also reflected on the fact that “Clout Cobain” was able to hit the milestone before “Ultimate,” a song that many casual fans have come to associate him with. As of this moment, “Ultimate” currently sits at gold, so one has to wonder if an upgrade is all but inevitable at this point — go give it a spin to speed up the process. And after that, turn to “Ricky,” which Denzel hopes will hit the gold milestone before long. Be sure to show some love to Denzel Curry on this triumphant day, and look for him to make even more waves in 2021 when he drops some of that music he’s been teasing.

Congratulations, Denzel!