Deontay Wllder Reacts To Tyson Fury’s Bizarre Masturbation Routine


Tyson Fury made a truly bizarre admission yesterday when he revealed to the world that he is masturbating seven times a day in order to prepare for his upcoming rematch with Deontay Wilder. Fury believes the excessive masturbation will help him raise his testosterone levels which will make him stronger in his fight. While this may be a little bit of pseudoscience, Fury seems to be stuck in his way.

Recently, TMZ caught up with Wilder where they asked him about his opponent’s strategy. As you can imagine, Wilder was quite dismissive of it all and said Fury was only saying this to be entertaining.

“Whatever he says is for entertainment or whatever,” Wilder said “He wanna j*** off? Enjoy himself. Just use the proper lotion. I mean some like thick lotion.” Wilder went on to say that he is going to win the fight and that if Fury ends up besting him, he might have to go into another profession.

“I already have 6 years left in the sport, but if he gets me out in the 2nd round? Knock me out? I’m done bro. I’m done. Period,” Wilder exclaimed.

Fury and Wilder are set to rematch on Saturday, February 22nd. Who do you think is going to win?



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