Derek Chauvin’s Ex-Wife Claims She Doesn’t Feel Safe


Derek Chauvin became a National pariah back in May of 2020 as he was caught on camera killing George Floyd. The police killing was extremely brutal and ignited numerous protests all throughout the country as people were fed of the violence and injustice they were seeing. These protests lasted the entire summer and sparked a huge movement that will be remembered for generations to come.

As for Chauvin, he was recently released from jail on a $1 million bond although he is still waiting to go on trial for manslaughter and murder. In terms of his personal life, things have been turbulent as his divorce was finalized this week, according to TMZ. In new court documents, his ex-wife Kellie revealed that she is feeling unsafe right now, and doesn’t know where to turn.

Derek Chauvin

Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

As she explains, safety has been an issue for her, albeit, she doesn’t exactly explain why this is the case. She also claims that she has been unable to work as a result of the case and her job prospects remain thin, regardless of the outcome. 

When Chauvin was initially arrested for the murder of Floyd, Kellie filed for divorce immediately as she wanted to protect her family. Months later, it’s clear that her life is still turbulent, and it will most likely remain that way for quite some time.

Stay tuned for updates on this case as we will be sure to bring them to you.