Derrick Rose Teases His Upcoming Yeezy Collaboration


Over the last few months, there have been some rumors floating around that Derrick Rose would be doing a Yeezy collab. Of course, Rose is from Chicago and even has his very own deal with Adidas, which makes him the perfect person to work with Kanye West. In fact, there have been various teasers of their upcoming shoe, although unfortunately, there really is no timeline for when any of it will be released.

Recently, however, Rose took to Instagram with a lengthy post about how his collaboration with Ye came together. As Rose explained, he had no idea that Kanye wanted to work with him in such a capacity and that at the end of the day, it is a dream come true. Rose has been a fan since Ye came into the game, and he made sure to pay homage with this IG post.

“Big bro team walks in and say they have to talk business and me and my Queen were about to leave the room and give them their space to talk business. He told us to not leave… G shit! His team was telling him to really think about the decision becuz it was going to be time consuming and he had a lot on his plate at that time. Next day we get on the plane to head back home and we seen that he did the GAP deal,” Rose wrote. […] “He’s from Chicago and we are use to people trying to shit on us. The environment is full of THAT hate you showed. Who really cares if it’s 1 or 6 BILLION lol. He represents Black Opulence and we love Ye for that and always will. People hate on him but deeeeeep down you know it’s inspiring. Peace and love King.”

Fans are eager to see what Rose has in store with Yeezy and it seems like those prayers will be answered soon. Kanye always comes through with unique designs, and with Rose backing the brand, Yeezy is in for a massive 2021.

Derrick Rose

Stacy Revere/Getty Images