Deshaun Watson’s Attorney Goes After Accusers For Remaining Anonymous


Deshaun Watson is currently being sued by 22 women who are accusing him of sexual assault while they were giving him a massage. According to these reports, Watson frequently sought out massage therapists and once he was in the room with them, he would act in a sexually deviant manner. Many of these stories have been quite shocking, to say the least. While Watson has denied the allegations, various women have continued to speak out against him and Ashley Solis even had a press conference where she detailed her experience.

Now, Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin is speaking out and he wants answers. The lawyer claims that the allegations are all false and are a smear campaign. He even wants the women to show their identities, as shown by a new motion he has presented to the court. Now, he’s also taking shots at lawyer Tony Buzbee for the lawsuits.

Deshaun Watson

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Per Hardin:

“Deshaun did not force, coerce or intimidate anyone to do anything against their will. Mr. Buzbee’s use of anonymous lawsuits violates Texas law and the basic concept of fairness. It is clear that, for Mr. Buzbee, this case has never been about seeking justice in a courtroom, but destroying Deshaun’s reputation to enhance his own public profile and enrich himself. While I understand that anonymity often is used as a shield for victims, Mr. Buzbee is using it as a sword. While shielding his clients from public scrutiny, Mr. Buzbee continues to use their anonymous allegations to destroy Mr. Watson. This is simply not right. And we look forward to resolving these matters in court.”

These lawsuits are currently being investigated by the Houston PD and even the NFL. While nothing has been proven, the allegations are impossible to ignore, and we will continue to bring you all of the latest on this developing story.