Designer Philipp Plein To Donate To BLM If Ferrari Foregoes Lawsuit


Philipp Plein is known to be one of the biggest fashion designers out there right now and he has done a ton of work that is renowned by hip-hop artists. His designs can be seen as gaudy and all over the place. As it turns out, these designs have gotten him in trouble lately, with none other than automobile brand Ferrari.

After placing his sneakers on the hood of his own vehicle, Ferrari hit him with a $2 million lawsuit that he is trying to negotiate down to $200K. Now, Plein is speaking out against Ferrari and is urging them to drop the lawsuit. If they meet his request, he will make a donation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“In this particular moment full of tragic events all over the world I feel completely inappropriate to fight over such irrelevant matters,” he wrote. “Neither [Ferrari] nor me REALLY need those [sic] money. Instead of continuing this useless litigation I asked my lawyer to settle the fight in order to make a contribution of [$200,000] […] I truly hope that [Ferrari] will agree … I am suggesting this solution to support the black community and not to promote myself or my brand.”

This sort of negotiation tactic is certainly bold especially with the current political climate in the country. Ferrari has yet to comment on Plein’s request.



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