Desiigner Returns With Comeback Single “Survivor”


Desiigner knows the world is struggling right now. He sees the hospitals running out of beds… countries fighting their hardest to contain a novel virus… families stuck inside on lockdown. Realizing that music is one of the only things in the world that can successfully uplift our spirits at this time, the New York native decided to mount a comeback effort, releasing his new single “Survivor.”

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard Desiigner like this. The days of “Panda” and “Tiimmy Turner” are far behind us and, now, Desiigner needs to come up with something to remain relevant in an ever-changing musical landscape. This is his best effort to do so in a long time.

The coronavirus topical record speaks on a number of issues but it always comes back to one major theme: he has survived. And he will continue to keep going.

Desiigner released this song independently after being granted his release from G.O.O.D. Music last year.

Listen to the return single below and let us know your thoughts!

Quotable Lyrics

I see stores, they runnin’ out of food
I been stayin’ in the house
We see hospitals runnin’ out of bed
The world is goin’ in a drought
I just wanna make it out
And you know everything I do, yeah, ain’t for clout
I just wanna make it out


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