Desiigner’s GF Calls Him “Selfish” & “A Monster” As She Recovers From Car Accident


There seems to be a debate as to whether or not Desiigner is still in a relationship with his manager Zana Ray, but in a recent video, she only referred to him as her “client.” Zana recently shared a clip from a hospital bed where she revealed that she had been involved in a bad car accident in Atlanta. She showed off her severe injuries and called out Desiigner with claims that he has been neglectful and selfish during her recovery.

“I’m literally on my death bed and I’m being disrespected. I’m pretty sure that none of you guys know that I’m on my deathbed because my client is extremely selfish and all he wants to do is argue with my mom or my family members about the fact that he wants to be late to come to visitation,” she said in the video. “I’m only allowed to see one person a day. So, it’s first come first serve.”

She added that her “teeth are knocked out” from the accident but she’s grateful that she survived. “I just want you to know that if this is the person that you guys decide to continue supporting, he’s a monster. No one knows anything about me. No one knows if I’m okay or not. I haven’t been paid in over three months and even on my dying bed, no one’s getting me anything.”

Zara said she reached out to Desiigner for help but he only wants to argue about their personal issues. “All of that stuff doesn’t matter,” she stated. “Being on an Instagram blocklist doesn’t matter. Hanging out with White people who are having sex in front of you does not matter more than making sure that I’m okay. I just want you guys to be aware of that. You can’t call yourself a leader, a positive person.”

“This is what you do to the people close to you,” Zara added. “I take care of that kid. Been taking care of him since he came out of his mother’s home.” Zara said that Desiigner endured abuse at home and his mother was on drugs while she was pregnant with him. “He has a lot of mental issues associated to being a drug baby.”

“I have been as nice as I could be for the longest, but literally, like, I’ve seen him one night and I’ve been here since Sunday morning.” Check out her full video below.

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