Dez Bryant Reacts To CeeDee Lamb Taking No. 88 For The Cowboys


During the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys got extremely lucky as a highly-touted offensive prospect fell into their lap. Of course, I am talking about none other than CeeDee Lamb who many have described as the steal of the draft. As it stands, Lamb is on track to be a huge star for the Cowboys and the city is already welcoming him with open arms. In fact, the squad has already allowed him his choice of jersey number. In a move that shouldn’t be surprising, Lamb chose to honor players like Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant, by choosing the number 88.

Bryant immediately took to Twitter after the news to congratulate Lamb and encouraged him to “be you and be great.” Bryant was also asked by a fan if he felt some type of way about Lamb’s choice to take the number 88. As Bryant explains, he simply wants to be a role model for the younger players in the NFL.

“I can’t feel no way but be supportive of lamb and the rest of these young stars that’s entering the league,” Bryant said. “I believe it’s my job to help them succeed as much on and off the field.”

Bryant is currently in the midst of trying to get back into the league so perhaps one day, we will get to see Lamb and Dez on the same field together. That would certainly be a lot of fun to watch.


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