Did Future Bring Lori Harvey On A Romantic Getaway To Lagos With Him?


It almost feels pointless to call these two a “rumoured” couple at this point, considering the myriad of hints they’ve dropped letting us know that they’re together. Still, nothing has been 100% confirmed, but the subtle (and not so subtle) clues of their relationship just keep coming. Future posted on his Instagram story to let his Nigerian fans know that he’ll be performing in Lagos on Sunday, December 29th. Lo and behold, a very special lady in his life is also visiting Lagos this weekend, according to her post on Instagram. Lori shared a photo of herself looking gorgeous in a tight, strapless, black dress on her Instagram on Saturday, tagging the her current location as “Lagos, Nigeria.” Hmm, could she be accompanying a certain rapper on his trip to Africa?

It seems pretty likely, considering how often these two have been spotted together in recent months following Lori’s split from Diddy. It wouldn’t be the first time that fans attempted to decode Lori and Future’s Instagram activity to prove their alleged relationship, either. Though the two did not spend Christmas together after Future was reportedly banned from Lori’s house for Thanksgiving by her father, Steve Harvey, it was rumoured that Future was the generous individual who gifted Lori her brand new Rolex for Christmas that she was seen flexing on her Instagram story. There are just too many pieces to this puzzle that fit perfectly, so it would be great if these two could just make it official official already.

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