Did Future Get Banned From Steve Harvey & Lori Harvey’s Thanksgiving Dinner?


For the last couple of weeks, the rumor mill has been churning out some supposed information about Future’s love life. The perpetual bad boy, Future was referred to as the leader of the Hot Boy Summer movement, primarily because of his past experience in relationships. The Atlanta rapper seems to fall in love quickly before destroying his meaningful bonds through outlandish behavior and infidelity. With over a handful of women alleging to have carried his babies, Pluto appears to have struck a friendship with Lori Harvey, who was also dubbed the leader of Hot Girl Summer. After moving on from Diddy’s son with Diddy himself, the model is possibly dating Future now but, when she attempted to bring him to Thanksgiving dinner, poppa Steve reportedly laid down the law.

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In an unconfirmed report by MTONews, anonymous sources close to the Harvey family are stating that when Steve Harvey found out his daughter was planning on bringing the recording artist to their mansion, he put his foot down and demanded against it. While this information should be taken with a grain of salt, it wouldn’t be all too surprising to see Steve try to get Future away from Lori. The source explained: “Steve doesn’t approve of Future with Lori, he has too many kids and [more importantly] he does too many foolish things.”

The source reportedly added that, although Lori has dated some questionable men in the past, they were all gentlemen. According to the source, Steve believes that Future is far from that. “Trey, Diddy and Memphis were gentlemen. They were players, but at least they are gentlemen,” they said. “Future is anything but a gentleman. He’ll get a girl pregnant and then make fun of her on Instagram the next day.”

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