Did Justin Bieber Steal Machine Gun Kelly’s Look?


Justin Bieber has new music on the way, which calls for new promo shots! He shared a black-and-white photo of himself, shirtless, wearing a pair of overalls. Considering his heavily-tattooed body and his bleached-blond hair, if you squint, you could easily mistake him for Machine Gun Kelly. Maybe even if you don’t squint. You could also throw Pete Davidson into this category of easily-mistakable, grungy-looking white men, if you wish. 

MGK reposted Biebs’ photo on Instagram to show love, captioning it with a heart emoji, but many of his followers thought he just shared a photo of himself for a moment. “I thought it was you,” Jake Paul commented. Meme star, Tank Sinatra, “was just so confused” and singer, Monica, “had to look twice.” MGK and Bieber have been photographed together before, so no need to worry that MGK is rattled by his look being imitated. MGK also recently embarked on “The Justin Bieber Big Tour” with Young Thug, which proves that him and Biebs have both been inspired by one another.

Today, Bieber put out a trailer for his upcoming single, “Yummy”, which will be released on January 3. The caption of the black-and-white photo of himself read “December 24, December 31, January 3.” If the 24th marked the song announcement and the 3rd will mark the song’s release, then it still remains a mystery what will happen on the 31st. Perhaps we’ll receive the docu-series that he also teased in the trailer or the tickets to his tour will go on sale. 

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