Did Takeoff Just Reveal When Migos’ “Culture 3” Is Releasing?


When Quavo was discussing Migos’ next album, Culture 3, on the Grammy Awards red carpet last weekend, he teased that “it should be dropping next summer”. He also stressed how much the Atlanta trio has been hustling to put this project together. “We’re working real hard,” Quavo said. “We’ve been in the studio countless hours, no sleep. Not even going home to get rest so hope ya’ll are ready for it.”

Given this work ethic, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Culture 3 was ready to go even before the summer months come around. Takeoff may have just revealed that the final album in the Culture trilogy is on track to drop earlier than anticipated. He posted photos of himself smoking a blunt in the studio with a whiteboard placed on the ground behind him. It’s only natural that when we see a photo of a whiteboard in a studio, we zoom in on it.

While the scribbles on the board are rather hectic, once you enhance the third image in slideshow, you can make out words that look like: “LATE APRIL / EARLY MAY.” Was delivering this secret message an intentional move by Takeoff? The caption of the post gives no indication of whether this was the case. Did Takeoff just happen to pose in a poorly thought-out location? Maybe that timeframe refers to when Migos is aiming to release a single from the album. We don’t know. We’re just trying to work with whatever clues we got.  

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