Diddy Called On By Kids With Cancer (& Snoop Dogg) To Dance With Them


FAM (Fighting All Monsters), an organization that strives to fight childhood cancer, has gathered together some of the children that they have helped for one simple mission: to ask Diddy to dance with them to celebrate the new year. A compilation video features various clips of a different kids suffering from the terrible disease holding up signs and showing off their moves in their quest to get Diddy to dance with them.

Why Diddy, you may ask? Well, his song “Bad Boy For Life” has been the theme song for the organization since its inception last December. Its founder, Milk Tyson, a celebrity socialite known for his medical marijuana company, chose the song because he felt that the lyrics and message behind it represent his mission. “FAM has used Bad Boy for Life as our theme song since day 1, and all the families have got accustomed to the song. Bad Boy For Life is our song because every day we meet these health challenges with a determination that says no matter what happens to us, ‘we ain’t goin’ nowhere…we are here for life!'” The kids, their families, and the organization all admire Diddy, as well, and look to him as an inspiration. “Puff is our spirit animal because he ‘can’t stop, won’t stop!’ Puffy puts family first, and has the reach and aggressiveness to give childhood cancer a bigger stage,” said Tyson.

The video of these youngsters jamming out to “Bad Boys For Life” is interpolated with clips from the official music video from 2001, and also has a guest appearance from Snoop Dogg, who encourages Diddy to listen to their requests. Snoop starts off the video by saying, “C’mon, Puff, get it for me. One time. You know what I’m sayin’? Can you dance with the kids, Puff, please?” “Bad Boy For Life” begins playing, and Snoop doesn’t make another appearance until the 0:41 mark, where he says, “Puff, these kids need you to dance for ’em, man.”

“Childhood Cancer is MAJORLY UNDERFUNDED and people don’t want to face it, they don’t want to see sick kids,” exclaimed Tyson. “We need someone loud, confident, and who never takes no for an answer to bring the kids to the main stage!” Fortunately, FAM announced on Christmas Day that, a generous sponsor has covered all of their operating costs, and that 100% of the $600,000 raised went directly to the kids. Still, there can never be too much care and attention paid to kids with cancer, and Tyson is hoping that Diddy will help bring awareness to FAM’s goals. Tyson has already enlisted the help of celebrities like James Corden, Julianne Hough, and Travis Barker, who actually played drums in the official music video for “Bad Boy For Life.”

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