Diddy Is Legally Changing His Name To This


Sean Combs, professionally known as Diddy or Puff Daddy, has been toying with the idea of legally changing his name for a while. It turns out that he’s pulling the trigger because, according to several sources including The Blast, the rap mogul has officially filled out paperwork to alter his namesake on all of his government-issued identification cards.

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One of Diddy’s nicknames happens to be Brother Love and, for years, he’s preached the power of positivity and love to his followers and friends. After giving out his phone number to the masses a few weeks ago, the businessman is choosing to implement an element of his essence into his identity, filing to change his name from Sean John Combs to Sean Love Combs.

Diddy reportedly filed for the name change in the Los Angeles County Courts and it has not yet been approved by a judge. As for the reason why he’s opting for the switch, all he chose to clarify was that he’s interested in changing his middle name. The legend has reinvented himself numerous times throughout his career but this is one of the first times he chooses to do so legally. Clearly, he wants to live by what he preaches. Love always and love hard. Shout out to Diddy.

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