Diddy & Kevin Hart Make Motivational Toasts At Roc Nation Brunch


If you’re at the Roc Nation brunch, you’ve probably made it. For example, Megan Thee Stallion and Griselda were in attendance this year, which comes as no surprise when you consider how much success they saw in 2019. If you were at this prestigious Grammy weekend event, you would look around the room, maybe see Beyoncé, and notice that you were solely surround by influential and wealthy people. This environment is likely what motivated Diddy and Kevin Hart to give inspirational toasts to their peers. 

“It’s 2020 y’all and it’s different than when it was 2016,” Diddy started his speech to a circle full of men that included Jay-Z, Usher and Meek Mill. “You know, the game has been elevated. As far as we can tell, there’s no expense being spared. We at a black billionaires brunch. You understand? And we here together and we’re gonna keep staying together. United we stand and there ain’t nothing else.” On that note, everyone clinked their glasses to “black excellence.” 

Although Kevin Hart isn’t a music industry mogul, he’s still respected within the community and was given the opportunity to deliver his own toast at the brunch. The comedian went the route of a good old-fashioned analogy. “Very simplistic, okay? In life, you only get one, you write a book,” Hart said. “The question of the day is: ‘How do you want your book to end?’ You’re around a bunch of men who are doing amazing things in they life. Basically, you are writing chapters. Chapters get good, some get better, some get worse. It’s your job to complete that book to the best of your ability. My question today is: ‘Are you focused on the ending of your book and, if so, how great do you want to make it?'” Hart’s speech received just as excited of a response from the crowd as Diddy’s. 

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