Diddy Remembers Kim Porter With Bittersweet Photo: “I’ll Honor You Forever”


Sean “Diddy” Combs was as shocked as the rest of the world when he found out that the mother of his children, Kim Porter, had passed away over a year ago. The rap mogul has described her as his “soulmate” and the love of his life, detailing all the things he wishes he could have told her while she was still alive. Clearly, Diddy is living with some regret over how things turned out with his ex-girlfriend and, today, he’s sending out a message to anybody in love to let their significant other know just how appreciated they are.

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Sometimes, we can let things slip out of our grip. Love is one of those things. We can take advantage of situations and begin to act out of character, potentially damaging our bonds with those around us. Diddy loved Kim Porter with all of his heart and he’s been regularly using his social media platforms to post tributes to his queen, with the most recent one coming today

Posting a picture of Porter with a glowing smile on her face, Diddy hoped for everyone to tell their partners how much they mean to them before it’s too late. “If you got a good woman please let her know,” said the entrepreneur. “Tell her as soon as you can. Make sure she knows. Make sure she feels it. HONOR HER. CHERISH HER. Cause the special ones are RARE and FEW. And everyone doesn’t get a second chance. LET THE ONE YOU LOVE KNOW TODAY. RIGHT NOW!!!! @ladykp I’ll honor you forever.”

If only all of us could find a love as genuine and profund as Diddy and KP’s.

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