Diddy’s Reaction To His Mom’s Expensive Birthday Gift Is Incredible: Watch


Diddy is a very, very, very rich man. The rap mogul has built a fortune over the course of his historic career. Filling up his resume with tons of impressive accolades, professional moves and musical ventures, the former Puff Daddy is somebody that you should be modelling your entrepreneurial goals after. Yesterday, the superstar celebrated his fiftieth birthday. What exactly do you get a man who has everything? Especially considering he’s lived for half a century and can buy literally anything he could ever want. If you’re Brother Love’s mother, you cop him a flashy new Cadillac Escalade.

One of the birthday presents that ended up coming home with the celebrity was a brand new car, complete with a ribbon and all. In a video presentation from Momma Combs, Diddy received his expensive gift and reacted just like anybody else would after finding out they have a new Escalade: with elation, joy and pure happiness. Wearing a crown atop his dome, Puffy got up out of his seat and started jumping around the room like a child on Christmas morning. It looks like he got exactly what he wanted this year. Turns out you only need to spend a hundred thousand to get your son jumping around on his fiftieth birthday.

Take a look at his reaction below and let us know what you would cop Diddy for his bday.

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