Dipset’s Un Kasa Reflects On Juelz Santana’s Downward Spiral


With Juelz Santana currently serving time in prison after bringing a gun to the airport, many Diplomats fans have been left wondering about his mindstate. Today, Diplomats’ own Un Kasa sat down with Flip Da Script to reflect on Juelz’ own self-imposed downfall. Off the bat, Kasa is adamant that he did what he could to help Juelz, a man he considers a “brother.” “It got to a point where n***as that really loved him or cared were really pushed away. If I was there, he wouldn’t be locked up right now cause I would have checked his fuc*ing bag. He would have never got caught…If his n***as was around him, that shit wouldn’t have happened. We would have checked his fu*king bag before he left. That’s the type of friends he had around him.”

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His cadence emotional, Kasa clearly feels strongly about how Juelz’s downfall played out. Allowing his friend some privacy with regard to certain subjects, he clarifies his claims that Juelz’ close friends and supporters were pushed away. “N***as wasn’t down with that shit,” he explains, prompting host Flip to prod for more specificity. “Indulging with what he was doing,” says Kasa, opting to leave it at that. “At one time, everybody was indulging. But not to where n***as got addicted. N***as was doing that shit for fun. Getting some Hawaain punch, some Jolly Ranchers, making a drink. Some n***as got addicted. Some n***as needed that shit. I wasn’t a n***a that needed that shit. I would be a hypocrite to tell you I never drank promethazine or codeine before. I’m in the hip-hop business, I’m a fu*king rapper.”

“There’s so much you can say to a grown-ass man,” he explains. “You get what I’m saying? Sometimes you have to let that man be that man. It’s not that you allowing him to hurt himself. This is what they do. You can take a n***a to the water fountain but you can’t push his head down and make him push that button.” 

For more unfiltered honesty from Kasa, be sure to check out the full interview below, courtesy of Flip Da Script. 

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