DJ Envy Defends Kanye West Amid Donation Backlash: “I’m Lost”


Kanye West finally broke his silence, donating $2 million to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. He also put aside money in a college fund for Floyd’s daughter Gianna and donated to local businesses in his home state. In addition to that, West was spotted on the frontlines, protesting with Tony Williams and others in the South Side of Chicago. So why are people still mad at him?

That’s the question that DJ Envy is asking himself this morning. 

It may have made sense for there to be Kanye slander as he was remaining silent but, now that he has shown that he supports the movement, you would expect people to stop dragging his name through the mud. 

“I’m lost…” said DJ Envy, co-host of The Breakfast Club on Twitter. “Kanye gave the families 2million, a trust fund for the daughter and helped business that were looted and people are mad???? Why??”

This week, there were plenty of memes flying around, joking about how West was nowhere to be found amid all the social and political unrest. At that point, he had reportedly not been to any protests, not publicized any donations, and not made any statements. Given his previous support of Donald Trump, it was assumed that he wasn’t speaking out because he didn’t agree with the reason for the protests. Clearly, that was wrong to believe.

Kanye West
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