DJ Envy Responds To Foxy Brown After Being Put On Blast


In the rap game, even an offhand comment can be misconstrued as bonafide “fightin’ words.” Time and again, radio personalities have ruffled feathers over on-air opinions, even if their intention was hardly hostile. Not long ago, DJ Envy found himself on the receiving end of a Foxy Brown scorned, after a few comments made during an interview with her former manager Don Pooh. After Envy mentioned that she had “dwindled off,” Foxy took to Instagram to unload on the Breakfast Club host, deeming him “FISH ASS Envy” among other dubious titles. “She called me Lil Clue,” says a pursed-lipped Envy, during the BC’s rumor report. “I ain’t mad at that one, shout out to Clue. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“The funny thing about Foxy Brown is she’s a little delirious,” explains Envy. I used to DJ for Foxy Brown. I used to be with her writing team that used to help write for her. I actually produced a couple of joints for her. One of them made it on my album, one of them on her album. I remember her last show, we were on the tour bus. She got paid $70 thousand to perform.” He explains that Foxy proceeded to pull up in front of the Louis Vuitton store and allocate the funds to her team. “I grab my envelope, I open my up envelope, and it was three hundred dollars. I said what can I buy at Louis Vuitton for three hundred dollars? Maybe a keychain, maybe a sock. After that I said I ain’t ever DJing for her again.” 

Despite the bad blood, Envy did make sure to wish her the best and give her a shout-out. Perhaps this one will end right here, though given the high-frequency of pure unfiltered antics, does that really seem likely? 


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