DJ Envy Teased For Calling “Renege” The “Re-N-Word”: “You Can’t Say That On The Radio”


Things got a little tense on The Breakfast Club recently when Angela Yee said a certain word that made DJ Envy uncomfortable. While going through the Rumor Report, as usual, Angela was reading off a story when things took a turn. “Alright, Damon Dash,” she began. “He’s very upset with WeTV and that’s because he says they the reneged on a promise.” In a clip Angela shared on Instagram, it then cuts to DJ Envy asking her, “And you quoted Dame Dash when you read the statement at first, right? When you said the ‘re-word’?”

Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer / Getty Images

Both Angela and Charlamagne Tha God were confused. Angela replied, “When I said what?” Charlamagne interjects, “The ‘re-word’?” Envy is unfazed when he states, “The ‘re-n-word.’ You were quoting Dame Dash.” Still, no one is picking up what he’s talking about, but it’s painfully obvious that he’s referencing when Angela used the word “reneged.”

The word “renege” means to revoke something or to go back on a promised, but Envy still wasn’t having it. While watching the clip, viewers can hear a few people chuckle during the awkward silence. “It’s ‘re-neg’,” Envy says, emphasizing the pronunciation. Angela and Charlamagne were saying “re-nig,” something that Envy mentioned couldn’t be said on the radio.

Charlamagne replies, “What n*gga? What are you saying? I’m confused.” Envy challenges Charlamagne and they engage in a back-and-forth as Charlamagne repeats the word over and over. Angela shared the clip on Instagram and wanted to know if she was in the wrong for using the “re-n-word,” and while most people laughed at Envy’s response, there were a few who agreed with him. Check out the chuckle-worthy exchange below.


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