DJ Khaled Hits Jamaica To Finish Album: “97.9% DONE”


DJ Khaled’s upcoming album Khaled Khaled has been in the works for some time now, a process that the affable mogul has documented with relatively open arms. In other words, he’s managed to be simultaneously open and secretive about the project, teasing several possible collaborators without sharing even the slightest snippet of the music to come. 

We’ve seen him connecting with the likes of Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, Migos, Jay-Z, Nas, Travis Scott, Post Malone, H.E.R, and many more — a lineup that should intrigue even the most ardent Khaled detractor. And while he has yet to reveal a possible release date for the project, Khaled has confirmed that Khaled Khaled is in the final stages of its completion. For those remaining (and no doubt stubborn) percentiles, Khaled has opted to return to Jamaica and lock-in. 

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images 

“ALBUM 97.8% DONE!” he captions, sharing a glimpse at his lush surroundings. “I’m on the Holy Mountain. On the holy ground getting it done! This is where I do my best work. The Holy Mountain is over 100 acres and the album takes 100% to get done! Let’s work!” Khaled also confirmed that he connected with Buju Banton, with whom he previously linked on Father Of Asahd highlight “Holy Mountain.” Expect to see the pair come through with another one, to quote Khaled’s preferred parlance. 

After sharing the 97.8 percent update, Khaled confirmed in a subsequent picture that the needle moved ever-so-slightly up to 97.9. “I’m saying to myself, how the fuck did this happen,” reflects an awestruck Khaled, utterly devoid of context. One thing, however, is certain — the hitmaker is undeniably stoked for this one to come to light, and given his love of the summertime release, we have to believe that the time is coming soon. 

Check out some pictures from DJ Khaled’s Jamaican excursion below.