DJ Khaled Reacts To High Praise From Will Smith After Film Cameo


Over the past few years, DJ Khaled has turned himself into one of the most recognizable faces in music and he has been able to manifest his newfound fame into a plethora of different endeavors. Whether it be music, TV, or shoes, Khaled can be seen doing anything and everything. His latest venture involves something near and dear to his heart. Of course, Khaled is from Miami which has been the backdrop for the Bad Boys movies with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Today, Bad Boys For Life came out and Khaled got to play a pivotal role in it all.

Khaled helped curate the soundtrack for the movie and he even had a small cameo. Recently Smith went out of his way to praise Khaled saying “Fearless and relentless. Khaled is both of those, that type of energy is the energy that cuts through. You can’t be quiet about it you got to lean on it at all times.” 

Khaled seemingly took great joy in those words as he took to his Instagram account and shouted out Smith before urging his fans to check out the film. The infamous record producer also showed off a behind the scenes look from the film and he seems to be quite happy as he’s interrogated by Smith’s character.

Let us know in the comments below if you saw the movie and if so, what did you think?


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