DJ Khaled Reminds Us Where He Came From: “It Don’t Happen Over Night”


DJ Khaled has come a long way if we’re talking about his music industry success. The New Orleans born producer kicked off his career as a radio host in Miami in the 1990s later getting a gig as the touring DJ for the hip hop group Terror Squad leading to his debut tape. From there DJ Khaled envisioned the life he wanted that later transitioned him to opening his own record label, We the Best Music Group, where the rest is history. 

Moses Robinson/Getty Images

The 43-year-old has reminded his Instagram followers of just how far he’s come with a throwback image of his earlier days in the game that sees him fronting a Phat Farm t-shirt, NBA snapback and a much smaller silver chain than what he’s now used to. “You do know it don’t happen over night
Are you ready? Read my last post to overstand the 🔑,” he wrote. 

The previous post Khaled was referring to sees him talking about the daily mental training that’s gotten him to where he is now. “There’s ready and there’s war ready. Either way Stay Ready. How much do you really want it. How hard you going work for it. Are you ready to out work everyone. A lot people talk it. How many executing the VISON!” he wrote. 


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