DJ Khaled Shows Off Iced Out Gifts From Jay-Z & Drake


Not many can boast about receiving a gift from Jay-Z; it’s like landing blessings from the Godfather himself. During a segment with GQ, DJ Khaled showcased his elaborate jewelry collection, which likely outweighs the cost of an entire city block. While there’s plenty to behold, one of the nicest pieces happens to be an iconic Roc-A-Fella chain, a gift personally bestowed by the Jigga Man himself.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Jay-Z gave me this,” explains Khaled, showing off his prized possession. “It’s a Roc-A-Fella piece with a Cuban. I’m being honest, this was personally his. It wasn’t like I’ma give you a chain and the Roc piece. No, no, no. This is his. His, off his neck. This is very special to me. I’m honored and grateful to have this gift. I remember the day I got it, it was a special day. It’s beautiful. Shout out to Jay-Z.” He also showcases another gift from the homie Drake, in celebration of the Asahd’s birth. “Two Keys,” says Khaled, highlighting the beautiful piece. “I didn’t expect no gift from no one, and I got a gift from Drake!” 

Khaled also highlights his iconic “I call her chandelier!” Patek, a piece his fans know all-too-well. “Baguettes in the face. Bezel, wrist. This the anniversary edition. Big face. What we did was, we put baguettes all in it and it turned into a chandelier.” Khaled reveals that the initial price tag was listed as one million, but he used his maxed-out speech bar to whittle it down. “Now it’s a chandelier. If you ever need lighting, if I’m doing a show or something, I be needing lighting. Shine bright like a diamond.” 


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