DJ Scheme Divulges On XXXTentacion x Juice WRLD Collab


XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD tragically passed away within a couple of years of one another and they certainly shared many of the same fans. Their legacies will live on forever, and it seems as though they both had a ton of tracks in the vault. As a result, their respective estates have been dropping posthumous projects and some have been wondering if they had a collaboration together.

A while back, DJ Scheme tweeted “Bad Vibes Forever x 999” which led to speculation that a collab was, indeed, on the horizon. Many called cap on Scheme’s tweet, especially since a track has yet to be released. However, during an exclusive interview with HNHH, Scheme confirmed the existence of the song and went in-depth on the backstory behind it all.

Juice WRLD

Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images

“I was chilling with Juice and he’s like, ‘yo listen to this’. It was a remix of “Whoa” on Skins and it sounded– it was awesome,” DJ Scheme recounted. “A really beautiful song. I forgot about it because he played me a million songs a day and it’s like wow, super dope. So I just didn’t think anything of it and it was during that period where X’s music– the two [posthumous] projects had come out already. He was like, ‘yeah we did this a while ago, I just haven’t played it for anyone and yeah listen to it, you’re the only person I want to hear it.’ So I fucking listened to it; it was dope.”

The artist did admit that the song probably won’t be released anytime soon although it is still being worked on. For now, there are a few hurdles that need to be dealt with, and in the meantime, Scheme is apologizing for being a little too quick with his tweet.


Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

“Like I said, I tweeted before that I’m gonna be better about trying to be more accurate with timing and not just tweet something when I hear about it, without the confirmation. I’m just trying to keep the people updated,” he said.

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