DMX Is Off Life Support & Breathing On His Own: Report


Earlier today, shocking and heartbreaking news spread like wildfire as it was revealed that legendary rapper DMX had suffered an overdose on Friday night. Troubling details continued to emerge as Hip-Hop fans learned that, in addition to the overdose, the It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot artist had also experienced a heart attack and was in a vegetative state. Hours later, DMX’s team has come forward to give a hopeful update on his condition.

Following the outpouring of support from several Hip-Hop heavyweights, DMX’s longtime lawyer Murray Richman has given fans an update on the iconic artist’s status, revealing that DMX is officially off life support, but although he is breathing on his own, he is still showing minimal brain activity.

“He’s been taken off of life support,” Richman says. “He is breathing on his own but there is a little brain activity.”

According to NBC News, when asked for more details as to what caused DMX’s heart attack, the attorney said that he did not know what caused the life-threatening emergency. Instead, he offered kind words about DMX, who he fondly refers to as Earl.

“Earl is a sweet guy,” Richman said. “Earl was a person who could tell such a story. He was a person with such depth. It’s a heartbreaker.” 

Prayers up that DMX will continue to pull through. Stay tuned for updates.