DMX Is Still On Life Support, Contrary To Previous Reports


Two hours ago, it appeared that the Hip-Hop community had received a glimmer of hope following the frightening news that DMX was in a vegetative state following a reported drug overdose and heart attack. However, contrary to previous statements made by DMX’s lawyer that he was off life support and breathing on his own, the rapper still remains on life support.

According to Rolling Stone, DMX’s attorney Murray Richman has now confirmed that the information that he initially communicated on behalf of DMX was incorrect. Richman reveals that prior to giving his original statement to Pix11, he had been given the wrong information. In a brief interview with Rolling Stone, however, Richman stated that DMX is currently hospitalized at a White Plains, New York hospital and still on life support.

As previously reported, Richman has a longtime relationship with the legendary rapper, so it’s understandable that was excited to comment on the previous development, even though it was ultimately deemed false. According to Rolling Stone, Richman appears to be handling the situation as well as he possibly can, but he is still concerned.

“It would be disingenuous of me to suggest that I am not a worried man,” Richman says.

Like Richman, the Hip-Hop community is extremely worried about DMX, and we all hope that he pushes through and gets better soon. Stay tuned for updates.