DMX & Marilyn Manson Joined Forces On Spooky Classic “The Omen”


Since it’s Halloween, it’s only necessary to bring back a record for the season. Hip-hop’s fascination with the Devil has been big over past few years among the edge crowd but it certainly isn’t anything new. DMX, specifically, had several records in his early career where the Devil is a prominent theme, especially on his first two projects. 

Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood is a classic record for numerous reasons with one of them being his collaboration with Marilyn Manson. The two linked up on the song “The Omen,” which continues where “Damien” left off, serves as the second of three songs surrounding the fictional character Damien. DMX narrates the song as both himself and Damien as the rapper has a one-on-one talk with Damien. Marilyn Manson holds down the hook with an even spookier interpolation of “Damien.” 

Quotable Lyrics
You still right here shorty, told you I got you
Like the way I scooped you when them f***ot n***as shot you
I’mma hold you down and I mean that for real
But every time you beef with a nigga, I end up havin’ to kill


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