DMX Was At Peace On “A Minute For Your Son”


With DMX’s fate currently uncertain, many have turned to prayer, following the example so often set by the man himself. Though frequently plagued by the alluring call of darkness within, X never failed to keep his head high, turning to God and finding solace in religion. Such themes have been present in his music since It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot first released in 1998, and the honest manner with which he explored his inner duality made him an artist unlike any other. 

When he released The Great Depression in 2001, it felt like the conclusion of a journey; not the end of the novel, but perhaps an act. Lessons had no doubt been learned in the years that followed his big debut. For a time, X was among the rap game’s biggest superstars, a lifestyle that brought no shortage of fame and spotlight; as revealed in the telling Ruff Ryders Chronicles documentary that aired on BET last year, he never wanted any of that. The toll was strong, and when he released his fourth studio album in October of 2001, it felt as if a lifetime had passed.

Years removed from the project’s initial arrival — a project that likely deserves a thorough revisitation — there remains a simple power in album closer “A Minute For Your Son.” Backed by a celestial and soothing instrumental from longtime collaborative Swizz Beatz, X takes a moment to speak directly to God, reflecting on his journey and pledging to set a shining example moving forward. Given the current circumstances, it feels like an appropriate time to revisit the powerful, and generally slept-on, album closer. And if that’s not enough — stick around for the three additional bonus tracks that follow.

Does anybody have any memories surrounding DMX’s The Great Depression? 


You got a minute for your son, Father? I need to talk
I’m so tired of tryin’ to run, Father, let’s take a walk
I’m so sorry for what I done, Father, it ain’t my fault
But the devil’s been on my back lately, he’s like a hawk
You never give us more than we can handle, but it’s gettin’ hard
And I’m a strong individual, but I need You, God