DMX’s Family Visits Him In ICU, Manager Asks For Prayers


DMX suffered an overdose on Friday night which ultimately led to a heart attack. According to TMZ, paramedics attempted to resuscitate him and while they were eventually successful, the lack of oxygen to his brain caused severe damage, leaving him in a vegetative state. Now, the rapper is in the ICU at a hospital in New York and he is trying his best to fight and stay alive. It is extremely sad news that has led to an outpouring of support amongst his fans and peers.

TMZ is now reporting that DMX’s fiancee and mother have shown up to the hospital and have even been able to see DMX in the ICU. With COVID, it’s become difficult for many to see their loved ones although DMX’s family was given an opportunity to visit. As was reported by the outlet, his children will also be making their way to the hospital.


Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The family is keeping some optimism that he will be able to make it although doctors have said that he is in a grave condition right now. DMX’s manager Steve Rifkind has asked fans to send him prayers right now, especially considering the circumstances. It’s a sad story, and everyone is hoping that DMX pulls through.

We will continue to provide updates on DMX’s condition as this is a developing story.


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