Doja Cat Almost Died On A Jet Ski In Cabo: “The Sharks Were En Route”


It seems as though a majority of celebrities are on vacation lately from Billie Eilish to Lori Harvey, Future, Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert. Another beloved act hitting up tropical lands for some R&R is Doja Cat who flew out to Cabo for a well-deserved break from reality. The “Better Than Me” singer shared some hot snaps on her Instagram as expected, accompanied by a short story on how she almost lost her life due to a jet ski accident. 

Cooper Neill/Getty Images 

“I never really got to share my experience in Cabo w y’all. Almost died on a jet ski cuz I had my period and fell in the water and I swear to god bitch the sharks were en route,” she captioned her gallery of images. “You could see the owner of ebays house from where I stayed and at night I’d be lookin in the windows to see if anybody was fuckin. That never happened. So fuck jet skis but we met @meagangood so I’m content. She’s angelic.”

By no surprise, the comment section had fans and followers asking for more information on the near shark attack story. “Lmfaooo please do a vlog about thaa almost shark attack,” one user wrote. In due time. 


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