Doja Cat Drops “HARLEY” After Fans Pressure Her


Despite releasing her sophomore album, Hot Pink, in November, Doja Cat assured her fans on Twitter last night that “Mama’s cookin.” For some reason, her fans were still not fully satisfied with this news and implored her to drop one song in particular. Whenever an artist gets excited about a song they just recorded in the studio and decides to share a preview of it on social media, it always comes back to haunt said artist. If you teased some fire, you can bet that some stans out there are gonna screen-record the song and repeatedly harass you to release it until you do. 

Sometimes, the stans win this battle. Last night, Doja stans won. Someone replied to her tweet, insisting that she “RELEASE HARLEY.” Lo and behold, after that reply attracted lots of engagement, “HARLEY” is up on SoundCloud. It’s an abrasive banger to which Doja brings her animated bars. While most of the songs on Hot Pink were sleek and sweet, “HARLEY” is gritty and sweaty. It was definitely worth begging for. 

Quotable Lyrics

Hit the stage, a bitch know the words
Doj wrote the verse, I been overworked
Gotta pop the bottle, gon’ hit the throttle
One sip Moscato, make the motor purr


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